Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do I tell whether my tie-end rods are loose or worn?

I have a '94 eagle vision, the driver's side wheel vibrates/woobles at high speed, and also upon hard braking. I recently changed out the brake pads, but I don't believe that should have anything to do with. Do I just need an alignment or wheel balance?? When the car is jacked up, I am able to move the wheel in and out if I grab the top and bottom. I'm not sure if it's the tie-end rods or the ball joints??? I want to do the job myself and just get it aligned afterwards. My driver's side tire has also began %26quot;cupping%26quot; like a formation of a slight bulge on the outer side of the wheel. Please help...How do I tell whether my tie-end rods are loose or worn?
This definitely sounds like worn tie rod ends. The vibrations and free play of the wheel are tell-tale signs, as well as the tire wear pattern. However, there may be other problems in addition to tie rod ends based on the symptoms you describe. The free play of the wheel could also be worn bearings on that particular wheel. And the vibrations upon hard braking could indicate warped brake rotors as well.

Start with the tie rod ends, but you might end up doing additional repairs.How do I tell whether my tie-end rods are loose or worn?
if your tie rods are worn ,with one wheel jacked up,if you place your hands at

3:00 oclock and 9:00 oclock on your tire

and there is play.

if your ball joints are worn,with one wheel jacked up place your hands at 12:00 and 6:00 and there is play.

pushing back and forth on the tire

at those points.

now if your upper or lower table is worn

your into big tame cash payment to get fixed.How do I tell whether my tie-end rods are loose or worn?
Jack up the front end (always be safe, use jackstands do not rely on the floorjack) shake things , see if you can squeeze the tie rods, if you can squeeze them with your hands or applying slight pressure with some pliers. Use a bar to move the tire up and down and check for movement at ball joints CHeck wheel bearings by moving the tire left-to right or up-down ( with the steering wheel locked in)