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Why is my dad so stubborn?

My dad like puts off everything until someone crazy happens. For example, a tire on our car was bad. I told him its wobbling change it change it. Next thing you know the tire goes to **** and it eventually is replaced. A new set of Michellens. However the hub bearings went out because of this. The inner tie rods got screwed up, and now the cv joint boot ripped and is pouring grease. I am asking him to let me buy the tie rods (inner and outer both sides) for $37 (good deal). He is telling me (they don't need to be replaced).Even though the dealer told us they needed to be replaced when we went for a recall repair (i know they are thieves but the car has alot of mileage and a tie rod replacement shouldn't sound odd) He is telling me I AM NOT PUTTING ANY MORE MONEY IN THAT CAR (even though i have done all of the repairs and this is our primary car) he speaks as though we have another set of brand new cars. Why are some people so stubborn like this? How can i convince him?Why is my dad so stubborn?
some people just don't care and as long as it's still running that's all they care about, he doesn't like to be told by his kid these things, shame on him!Why is my dad so stubborn?
My dad is almost 70 and is still like that.

I envy him in a way since I am so anal about my vehicles.

There has to be a happy medium.Why is my dad so stubborn?
some people don't like to fix things until it's really broke... in your case, it's a safety issue, what if the tie rod pops off and you hit someone? or worse... kill someone! get it fixed or don't drive it.... plain and simple......and just my 2 cents, most dealers are not thieves, but I know there are some.

p/s. the tie rods can fall off even if your not off road...worry about them!

good luck!Why is my dad so stubborn?
You can't. Did you ever stop and think that maybe he does not have the extra money to put into the car right now? $37 might not seem like too much, but after paying the monthly bills, that little bit could be the difference between having a nice dinner once a month and eating top ramen for a few nights. A set of 4 tires is expensive and has to be budgeted into most households budgets. Just one tire for my truck (primary tow vehicle) cost $319 plus mount and balance. It is close to $1500 when I need new tires! I do all my own work on my vehicles and sometimes have to put off fixing wear parts for a while.

Tie rods take a lot of abuse before they break. I have replaced many worn tie rods in my time and have only seen them break in off road applications.

I would not worry about it too much, but if you are worried, find a way to earn some extra money and buy them for him.Why is my dad so stubborn?
my 2 cents, grab a tool set and start learning.Why is my dad so stubborn?
If it's his car, it's his business.Why is my dad so stubborn?
You need to get the point across to him that driving this car is unsafe. If and when the tie rod lets go, he will lose control of the steering on the car and can cause an accident not only to personal property but to an innocent bystander as well. A lot of the older generation are very stubborn when it comes to putting hard earned money into a car. Either they have the money and refuse to part with it or they dont have the money and they can barely pay for necessities. Look at the car as a luxury and not a necessity. It is a means of transportation to him no more no less. You have your hands full, but if you and the rest of your family refuses to go in the car until it is fixed, then maybe just maybe you will get your point across. Also try to let him know that those Michelins are not the cheapest of tires and driving with worn tie rods will wear them out much quicker and this will be wasting his money on tires. Try what ever you have to, but i would not go in that car with him until he repairs the safety and integrity of this car.

good luck......

Wheel bearing? 2000 Impala?

So, my car has been vibrating really badly when I turn my steering wheel to the left whenever I'm driving around a curve and it does it whenever I'm speeding up too. I took it to the dealership today to get my oil changed and they said my passenger side outer tie rod was bad and so was my driver sider hub bearing. I replaced the tie rod today (the outer one) and the clicking noise I hear when I turn my wheel has decreased but not completely gone and it still vibrates whenever I turn. How badly is my wheel bearing wore out? How long will it last? I'm supposed to get it done Thurs but I'm scared it's something more than the wheel bearing. Help!Wheel bearing? 2000 Impala?
Ok, first off I'd be a bit skeptical about a wheel bearing for 60 bucks. The wheel bearing for your car is a whole hub assembly, so unless they are going to press the bearing out and press in a new one (about an hour labor with a hydraulic press so $20 to put it on seems cheap now) that sounds like a cheap assembly. Depending on the braking systems of your car (4 wheel ABS or 2 wheel ABS) the hubs cost about $168 from NAPA. As far as the problems is concerned, if the problem was with the drivers side bearing then you would notice it turning to the right; all the weight shifts to the opposite side when turning. Like others to answer, I would have them check the tulip (CV) joints in the CV shaft on the passengers side. As far as safety is concerned, if the bearing does seize up while you are driving that can cause the car to pull in the direction of the seizure so if you are not ready for it you can swerve pretty bad in that direction. I've seen bad bearing last for 2 days after making noise and I've seen them last for 6's really a crap shoot.Wheel bearing? 2000 Impala?
Sounds more like CV joints to me.Wheel bearing? 2000 Impala?
could be a CV joint..if you can't afford a car, don't drive one...everything needs maintenance.Wheel bearing? 2000 Impala?
Why didn't you have them do the bearing while you were there? Then you would know.Wheel bearing? 2000 Impala?
This happened to my 2003 Impala last year. I drove on it for maybe two days after I noticed the vibrating. grinding whenever I sped up or turned and my dad told me that I shouldn't have so I would guess you should do it pretty quick, I think it was like $110. My car mainly did it when I was going fast.Wheel bearing? 2000 Impala?
It's hard to say...the ball bearings in these American cars friend has a Cavalier and has had bearings go bad in two different front wheels. The first time he drove around in it like that for a month or two, lol, then it got real bad (loud). So it can last a while but it depends on how bad it is, the position, everything. Let it go too long and you will really **** it up so just be careful, drive it slow, and you should def last til Thursday. Just make sure you get it taken care of then and don't delay it further.Wheel bearing? 2000 Impala?
CV to meWheel bearing? 2000 Impala?
Good deal on a bearing... cheap to put on.... what the hey. It's not like that hub assembly holds your wheel on or anything... go cheap. That's definately the best idea....Wheel bearing? 2000 Impala?
it could be the cv joint or the wheel bearing.

How do I tell whether my tie-end rods are loose or worn?

I have a '94 eagle vision, the driver's side wheel vibrates/woobles at high speed, and also upon hard braking. I recently changed out the brake pads, but I don't believe that should have anything to do with. Do I just need an alignment or wheel balance?? When the car is jacked up, I am able to move the wheel in and out if I grab the top and bottom. I'm not sure if it's the tie-end rods or the ball joints??? I want to do the job myself and just get it aligned afterwards. My driver's side tire has also began %26quot;cupping%26quot; like a formation of a slight bulge on the outer side of the wheel. Please help...How do I tell whether my tie-end rods are loose or worn?
This definitely sounds like worn tie rod ends. The vibrations and free play of the wheel are tell-tale signs, as well as the tire wear pattern. However, there may be other problems in addition to tie rod ends based on the symptoms you describe. The free play of the wheel could also be worn bearings on that particular wheel. And the vibrations upon hard braking could indicate warped brake rotors as well.

Start with the tie rod ends, but you might end up doing additional repairs.How do I tell whether my tie-end rods are loose or worn?
if your tie rods are worn ,with one wheel jacked up,if you place your hands at

3:00 oclock and 9:00 oclock on your tire

and there is play.

if your ball joints are worn,with one wheel jacked up place your hands at 12:00 and 6:00 and there is play.

pushing back and forth on the tire

at those points.

now if your upper or lower table is worn

your into big tame cash payment to get fixed.How do I tell whether my tie-end rods are loose or worn?
Jack up the front end (always be safe, use jackstands do not rely on the floorjack) shake things , see if you can squeeze the tie rods, if you can squeeze them with your hands or applying slight pressure with some pliers. Use a bar to move the tire up and down and check for movement at ball joints CHeck wheel bearings by moving the tire left-to right or up-down ( with the steering wheel locked in)

Who can fix an old bmw 540i suspension in the dc/va/md area?

I have a 10 yr old 540i with high miles and would like to spend as little as possible to get basic suspension work done .. i live in dc metro area .. pls recommend an indy mechanic and or shop that can do this .. it looks like this is a basic job and doesn't need a bmw specialist .. correct?

how much should i expect to pay for labor to change the front/rear struts/shocks and also the front control arms/bushings and tie rod assembly (purchased kit from fcp groton on ebay)Who can fix an old bmw 540i suspension in the dc/va/md area?
You might as well make a downpayment towards a new BMW because you're looking at least a couple of thousand in labor alone plus the parts.Who can fix an old bmw 540i suspension in the dc/va/md area?
You need to look in your local yellow pages. Once you locate some options there, you can call the phone numbers listed under their ads. When someone answers, ask them how much they would charge you for this or for their labor rate and do some comparative shopping because I always quote the price of $300,000 for every %26quot;How much should it cost me%26quot; question someone asks on Yahoo. If you have to ask that question, ask the person from whom you are looking to do the work.

Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it'll go for?

I have a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE with 166,000 miles on the boy and unkown on the engine(It's been replaced once). The Transmission has two clutches and the shift recoil going out. Plust the Engine control module is shorting. I have put in a new autinator, new tie rod ends, new ball joints, a new battery, the engine purrs like a kitten but with the two clutches and the recoil it jerks whenever changing into 2nd and Overdrive(it has a 3 speed auto with Overdrive) The engine is a 3.3 Liter V6. With the new parts in how much do you think it would go for if i tried to sell it?Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it%26039;ll go for?
Go to will give you the value.Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it%26039;ll go for?
you should be able to get 1500 or better out of it. but sell it yourselfWanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it%26039;ll go for?
i would say maybe 10000 or lower just have the buyer make na offer and if you ant sastifyed with the offer than i would tell him to go on a hikeWanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it%26039;ll go for?
IF these run perfect they are worth about 800-1000. Yours needs a $1500.00 transmission overhaul. It is worth ZERO. You might be able to find a mechanic to give you a hundred bucks for it if he wants to fix it himself...Looks like you used it all up! All the replacement parts you put on were replacements of worn out parts. They ADD no value to the vehicle. My suggestion if you have the space is to go buy another one yourself for about $1500 bucks that is REALLY nice...and take all the good parts off this one, put them in a box in the garage, and send the rest of it to the junkyard! Good luck!Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it%26039;ll go for?
not much

selling private would get $500-$700 If its clean

10 years car sales experienceWanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it%26039;ll go for?
scrap itWanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it%26039;ll go for?
sell it yourself, but add some saw dust to the transmission, it will silence any noises from the tranny, and you might actually get away with it. if you got 800 for it i think you would be doing good. if the ecu is going out that cars days are numbered. you might just want to think about parting it out. you could probbaly get $1500 for parts and then sell it to a junk yard for $50 bucks. if your state has a lemon law then they can come back and demand the money they paid. its a tough call...Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it%26039;ll go for?
I can see that you like to get your use out of your vehicles! Nobody wants to buy a car with a bad tranny unless they have a car with a bad engine and a good tranny. You might do better to try to find one of these! Just remember, you don't know how many miles are on their tranny, just like no one really knows how much longer your motor has before it hits the skids. Honestly, your car is not worth much of anything. Count your blessings for getting the life that you got out of it! Ask yourself %26quot;Would I buy a 1991 ANYTHING with 166,000 miles on it?%26quot; And then, what would you pay for it, with a bad tranny? Remember your answers because when you see the guy with the Voyager that has the good tranny and bad motor, his is worth just as much as yours. Don't pay one penny more!Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it%26039;ll go for?
not much you are better off trading it in.Wanting to sell a 1991 Plymouth Voyager LE how much do you think it%26039;ll go for?
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  • Can I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?

    I just got my oil changed today and found out my 97 Ford Escort needs about (according to their estimate) $700 worth of work, including fixing a broken Sway Bar Link, replacing two loose Outer TIE Rod ends, and replacement of rusted cooling lines for my transmission - in addition to the alignment and transmission flush that will need to be done along with all of it.

    Unfortunetly - being a college student and all, and at the moment looking for summer employment, I simply don't have $700+ dollars; so I'm trying to prioritize on what needs to be fixed and what can wait. Add to this that I know very little about cars and how they work.

    The shop told me the TIE rods were a priority, and from what I've researched I agree. The cooling lines were listed as 'may need future attention' but to avoid future issues I think this is second on the 'fix' list. Does anyone know if a broken Sway Bar can wait a while - or is it more then just an inconvience?

    Thanks!Can I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?
    If you are not very mechanically inclined , you need to get a couple more opinions from reliable and honest mechanics as to whether you need any of this work . My escort has stainless steel transmission cooling lines and they don't rust . If you have worn tie rod ends you need to replace them promptly before one comes aloose , and you don't have any steering . The sway bar can wait , but your handling may suffer a little .Can I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?
    I Would Do The Tie Ends And Tranny Lines? How Bad Are The Tranny Lines It's Better To Fix The Lines Then Replace A Tranny If Thay Do Come Lose! As Far As I Know The Sway Bay Is Not A Huge Deal!Can I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?
    The sway bar should just affect your steering. You'll just have to take it easy around the turns....... Fix it when you can. A lot of people take their sway bars off to drop weight, when they drag race.Can I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?
    Did a Ford model T have a sway bar? Make your own conclusions.Can I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?
    i do not know where u r ,but that is way off .they r taken u for the money.. u need to call around for prices, but do not say what u have for prices now. there r cheaper garages out thereCan I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?
    The cost does sound a little high. I would shop around. Being in College you can take it to the Mechanic class and have most of the work if not all done for little or no cost but for the parts only. They get to learn how to work on the car you get the work done for free. They will not try to cheat you out of money for repairs not needed.Can I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?
    let me guess. you had your oil changed at either firestone, goodyear, or one of the specialty shops where they change your oil and then come out and tell you that you need all of this work done. if you did, go someplace else like a garage and ask THEM%26gt; best to check again. been there, done that. but DO pay attention to tie rod ends. bad ones can be dangerous.Can I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?
    You need to think safety. The components you have just described are vital to your front end. If you don't have the money then ask for a loan from your family. I know I don't like asking for money either but we are talking about what would be worse. getting the car fixed and paying someone back or having a serious accident and causing maybe someone else harm. This is serious!! my friend. You may loose control of the car. So do the right thing. Can't fix it then don't frive it.Can I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?
    The order you have come up with is the right one. As far as the sway bar link goes, without it the car will lean more in corners/offramps. If you are not an aggresive driver that loves to take corners at high speed then the link can wait for a LONG time with out problems.

    Car problems 1996 ford escort is my car cursed? i need advice?

    i bought this car 2 years ago with 78,000 miles on it. the car now has 101,000 miles on it. in that amount of time ive had to have the following problems in order fixed some of them may be related. My uncle did some of the work on this car so its less expensive the normal and i dont remeber exactly how much everything cost but ive put atleast $2325 in maintenence into this car since ive bought it.($3825 with work that needs to be done now) 1. timing belt had to be replaced (about $400? it was a long time ago) 2. spark plug wires had to be replaced(aprox.$100) engine ran on 3 cylinders and caused 4. engine had to be replaced (atleast $1400) 5. somekind of vacuum tube/line problem(aprox.$100) 6. tie rods had to be changed(aprox.$200) caused- 7 two tires which i purchased when it got the car were worn down had to be replaced($125) which led to my uncle noticing the bad tie rods 8. transmission has to be replaced. (1500). Is my car cursed or would this be my last major problem 4 a while?Car problems 1996 ford escort is my car cursed? i need advice?
    You pretty much covered it all, except for the water pump exploding at any given moment, a roller lifter locking up and wiping out the cam, canister purge solenoid malfunction, transmission problems from the 4EAT, and I hope you installed new timing belt idler pulleys and tensioner when that was replaced or you will have problems later. 150,000 miles is the best I have seen from the 2.0 liter SPI engine. After that it falls to pieces and drops valve seats and looses compression,etc. If it is running, and you want something else, get rid of it now, while it is still running. Just a thought. They are good cars, but fall apart after 150,000 miles.Car problems 1996 ford escort is my car cursed? i need advice?
    sounds to me like you need a new car,but i see you got so much money in it that it wouldnt pay you to get rid of it now.Car problems 1996 ford escort is my car cursed? i need advice?
    Hmm. the 96 Escort wasn't the best. They're not terrible, but Fords are notorious for weak tie rod ends. Drive it gently; no hard %26quot;the fast and the furious%26quot; cornering. Also, timing belts should be replaced every 60,000 miles, so you'll need to do that again in the near future. As far as making the engine and tranny last, keep them serviced, and drive it easily. I see people %26quot;driving it like they stole it%26quot; and that leads to blue smoke and big red Mercon fluid spots in the driveway. Good luck.Car problems 1996 ford escort is my car cursed? i need advice?
    you got what i call a dollar you to death car. get rid of it take the loss and go on with your life.Car problems 1996 ford escort is my car cursed? i need advice?
    You're not being cursed or neither your car is. The thing is that when you bought this car 2 years ago, you may not have carried out any repairs or replacement of parts but you carried on using it

    until most of the problems occur. Now that you have to carry out

    major repairs and replacements of parts to your car all at once,

    it's draining on your finance and you feel the pinch.

    Since you have done most of the major works, I would suggest

    that you be patient and think positive, because things will be

    fine with your car after the repairs.Car problems 1996 ford escort is my car cursed? i need advice?
    No your car is not cursed. I have had 4 of these stupid things. They are cheap to buy. Thats the problem. You will always have problems with old cars. Once it costs you more then a car payment in maintance 2 or 3 months in a row its time to go.

    Matter of fact i have an escort i will sell you. I put more money into that thing then you would imagine in one trip alone to the shop.Car problems 1996 ford escort is my car cursed? i need advice?
    you've replaced just about everything that can go wrong with a car. i think you are in the clear now. Just keep checking your fluids and your tire treads. You should be fine